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American Shorthair cat Basically designed as a working cat - assigned the task of guarding against mice and rats aboard Pilgrim ships on their way to America in the 17th century - the American Shorthair is a direct descendant of the British Shorthair.

Today, with their even temperaments and hale and hearty constitutions, the American Shorthair breed remains among the most popular in the USA.

American Shorthair behavior & personality

Commonly living to 15 years or more, the affectionate and easy-going American Shorthair is a good choice for any large, active family. Good with kids, other pets (and even dogs) they also make for great mousers and are one of the few breeds who are not averse to splashing in puddles or playing in water!

Care & Health

Although their sturdy frames make them one of the longest-lived cat breeds, American Shorthairs still neeed plenty of exercise. If kept indoors, be sure to provide them with a variety of toys to keep them busy.

American Shorthairs are known for their hearty appetites, but overfeeding by well-meaning owners can often lead to obesity, intestinal problems or even serious disease.

Keep their coats lustrous by brushing a few times a week. This will also help avoid hair balls and excessive shedding, especially during the spring season when they will commonly lose their protective winter coats.

DID YOU KNOW? American Shorthair fun facts

silver american shorthair cat
Bred in up to 60 colors, the sterling silver
American Shorthair remains the most popular.

• American Shorthairs can trace their roots all the way back to the Mayflower, when pilgrims brought their British shorthairs with them to the New World. The first harsh winters helped thin out the weaker population, resulting in the sturdy breed now known as the American Shorthair.

• The American shorthair is not the same as a domestic shorthair, which is typically a garden variety house cat. The only way to know for sure if your cat is truly an American shorthair is with papers from a certified breeder.

• Another way to tell difference between domestic shorthairs and American Shorthairs are their distinctive eyes, which are bigger and rounder than typical cats' eyes.

• American shorthairs are bred in upwards of 60 colors, though sterling silver coat with black "tabby" markings is still the most popular.

• Great with kids and pet dogs, the breed is also known for exhibiting an independent American spirit. That means they can be left alone at home for long periods of time without destroying the furniture!

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