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Cute catIndependent, helpless, regal, cute, photogenic, cuddly and solitary .... what is it about cats?

With a long and dramatic history, cats and human history are closely intertwined. While they were persecuted during the Middle Ages as witches, they later emerged as heroes when they helped wipe out the Plague in 14th century Europe.

Today, cats & kittens are happily curled up around millions of homes worldwide, eclipsing even Rover and Fido as the planet's most popular pet!

On the Web, go cat crazy with more about cats & kittens, tips and how-to's on cat care and feeding, along with related feline health concerns, popular cat names, cat picture galleries, how-to's on helping your pregnant cat, facts on adoption, cat folklore & superstitions, along with information on top breeds for the serious fancier ...

Most Popular Cat Breeds

Abyssinian catAbyssinians are - despite their regal appearance - more dog-like in behavior than most other cat breeds. Intelligent and energetic, the Abyssinian requires lots of stimulation and exercise, although for most owners that is not hard to do since these cats are generally a delight to be around.... more about Abyssinian cats.

American ShorthairAmerican Shorthairs are direct descendants of the British Shorthair. Today, with their even temperaments and hale and hearty constitutions, they remain among the most popular cat breeds in the USA.... more about American Shorthair cats.

Exotic catExotic cats make up one of the newest breeds in the feline pantheon, first created in the U.S. in 1960 by crossing an American Shorthair with a Persian. Since then, the Exotic has become one of the top ten most popular cat breeds in America, sometimes jokingly referred to as "the lazy man's Persian" for its ease of grooming compared to its longer-haired cousin .... more about Exotic cats.

Maine Coon catMaine Coon cats are a curious combination of playful, regal and rugged, and their popularity is based on their large size and striking good looks. Of all the domestic breeds, Maine Coons are less apt to be lap cats but more apt to follow you everywhere around the house exhibiting a marked dog-like desire to stay with the pack ..... more about the Maine Coon cat.

Oriental catOriental cats were first seen in the West when they were brought to Britain from Siam (Thailand) in the 19th century. A close relative to the Siamese, the Oriental is often known as "the rainbow cat" for the breed's 300 various coat color patterns .... more about Oriental cats.

Persian catPersian cats are some of the most docile pets and make for excellent lap cats and very affectionate friends. Quiet and undemanding, they are less likely to "talk" like the chatty Siamese, and their calm natures often adapt to any family situation where they generally fit in well with other household pets .... more about Persian cats.

Ragdoll catRagdoll cats first originated through the selective work of a Persian breeder in California in the 1960's. Since then, the Ragdoll has become one of America's most popular cat breeds, and gets its name from the tendency to go completely helpless and limp when picked up .... more about Ragdoll cats.

Siamese catSiamese cats were first introduced in the West in the late 19th century. Since then, their bright blue almond-shaped eyes, distinctive color points, elegant bearing and "talkative" personality, have made them one the most popular cat breeds worldwide. Their legendary low-pitched call is a form of communication called "meezer" - sounding all the world like a crying baby - which all but guarantees our absolute devotion to them .... more about Siamese cats.

Sphynx catSphynx cats continue to make it to the Top Ten list of most popular cats around the world due mainly to its highly unusual hairless appearance, elongated ears, and entertaining antics. They often find warm bed covers irresistible, so be prepared to share your bed with the hairless Sphynx - an experience sometimes likened to sleeping with a soft suede hot water bottle .... more about the Sphynx cat.

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