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Ragdoll catDecorated with Siamese-like points, and a long soft coat like the Persian, the Ragdoll first originated through the selective work of a Persian breeder in California in the 1960's.

Since then, the Ragdoll has become one of America's most popular cat breeds, and gets its name from the tendency to go completely helpless and limp when picked up (a trait most often seen in fully grown cats than in kittens.)

Ragdoll cat behavior & personality

With their sweet dispositions and soft rabbit-like coats, this most mellow cat makes for an excellent companion.

Unlike their very vocal Siamese cousins, the Ragdoll cat rarely speaks above a soft 'mew'. Since it will rarely protect itself against attack, nor extend its claws even in play, Ragdolls are the pacifists of the cat world.

Genial natures, and habit of going limp when being picked up, make Ragdolls a natural match for the young.

Its general demeanor is so gentle, in fact, that breeders warn against allowing it outside for any length of time! Ragdoll cats would rather just spend the day following their human companions everywhere around the house. Like any genial puppy, they can also be easily collared and leashed for short walks outdoors.

Care & Health

No special care is required for Ragdolls other than an occasional brushing, especially around the hind quarters. With no known major health problems or diseases associated with it, the Ragdoll is a very hardy breed indeed!

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