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Exotic catKnown as the Exotic Shorthair, or simply Exotic, this is one of the newest breeds in the feline pantheon, first created in the U.S. in 1960 by crossing an American Shorthair with a Persian.

Since then, the Exotic has become one of the top ten most popular cat breeds in America. With its large round eyes and snub nose, the Exotic is sometimes jokingly referred to as "the lazy man's Persian" for its ease of grooming compared to its long-haired cousin.

Exotic cat behavior & personality

Exhibiting traits of its Persian cat lineage, Exotics are sweet, gentle and most comfortable around quiet and familiar surroundings. Calm and patient, they are natural apartment dwellers and the ultimate in affectionate lap cats, although they also may exhibit their American Shorthair cat bloodline with bursts of playful activity, and often make excellent mousers.

The breed of the comic strip cat -- the lasagna-loving Garfield -- was never specified, but
many Garfield fans often associate with the Exotic Shorthair, and for good reason.

Care & Health

Compared with the care required to maintain the luxurious coat of a Persian, the Exotic is practically maintenance-free and only requires a weekly brushing to reduce shedding problems and hair balls.

Like the Persian, the Exotic is prone to excessive tear production and tear staining. In minor occurrences, the condition may be relieved by wiping the area with a moist cloth, although more serious occurrences may lead to chronically blocked tear ducts and sinus infections.

Asymmetrical jaw is another inherited condition from its Persian ancestors, an obvious underbite sometimes associated with chewing difficulties and dental problems.

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