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Sphynx catThroughout the centuries that have been reports of normal felines giving birth to hairless kittens, but it wasn't until the 1970's when breeders decided to turn this natural "mistake" into a virtue.

Today, the hairless Sphynx continues to make it to the Top Ten list of most popular cats around the world due mainly to its highly unusual peach fuzz coat, elongated ears, and entertaining antics.

However, those who assume that the breed is entirely safe for cat allergy sufferers may be disappointed to discover that this is not always the case, since a Sphynx's light, downy coat will still produce a certain amount of dander.

Sphynx cat behavior & personality

Sometimes described as a cross between a cat and a monkey, the Sphynx is most famous for performing agile acrobatics, often charming human companions with their playful intelligence and clever jumping maneuvers.

In quieter moments, the Sphynx is extremely affectionate and exhibits a love for attention bordering on childlike.

As with humans, protection from weather extremes is an important health safeguard for the Sphynx.

They will often find warm bed covers irresistible, so be prepared to share your bed with the hairless Sphynx - an experience compared to sleeping with a soft suede hot water bottle.

Sphynx cat care & health

Limiting their exposure to the outdoors, especially in extremes of weather, is always an important safeguard. Cold weather is obviously a definite hazard, but so is overexposure to the hot sun - which may result in a sunburn for this coatless cat.

The fact that the Sphynx does not shed may be a good selling point for those considering adoption. However, prospective owners should take into account their special needs for cleanliness. Since their ears lack hair that usually filter dirt and dust, special attention must be paid to cleaning the ears regularly. Frequent baths are also necessary to keep their skin free from excess body oils which tend to stain furniture.

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